Discover Cuba!

Beautiful Scene on Earth

Sun, sea, salsa. Why Cuba is a must see!
Combining exotic rhythms, friendly locals, and white, palm-fringed beaches, Cuba has been captivating the hearts and imaginations of sun-seeking travellers for decades – with good reason! With an enticing mix of Spanish and African roots, Cuba is the largest, most exciting island in the Caribbean, with something for everyone – including great value.
There’s simply nothing like Cuba. One minute, you’re immersing yourself in local culture amidst exquisite colonial architecture, with cafes, museums, art galleries, and salsa music drifting through the air.
And just as easily, you can be stretched out on the beach under swaying palm trees, mojito in hand, and turquoise waters waiting to refresh. Or get off the beaten path and explore lush forests, coffee plantations, rugged mountains, and more.

Local flavour and culture
Cuba’s capital, Havana, is filled with bright, pastel coloured homes, storefronts, and cafes, and vintage cars. Dating back to the 16th-century, Old Havana in the city centre features stunning Spanish-colonial architecture, well-preserved squares, and grand palaces.
Don’t miss Havana's spectacular Malecón – cruise or stroll this 7km-long sea drive, famous for attracting lovers, philosophers, and poets.
The south-eastern town of Santiago de Cuba is considered the cultural capital, rich in Afro-Cuban heritage. Or visit the quaint, colonial village of Trinidad in the interior, and walk its cobblestone streets.
A sun-worshipper’s paradise
For serious seaside sizzle, you’ll want to hit Varadero and Cayos de Cuba – both with fantastic beaches dotted with seaside resorts, ocean vistas as far as the eye can see – great for relaxing, or snorkelling and scuba diving.