About us

Xael Charter

Xael Charters was born of a dream: to participate in building a bridge to unite the Cuban Family. The Treasury Department granted our Licences as Travel Service Providers and Charter Service Providers in the year 1998. We began operations with a single flight to the City of Cienfuegos in Cuba. From that moment, all our effort has been concentrated in responding to the expectations of our clients by offering an ethical, respectful and professional service, in compliance with the regulations established by the Department of the Treasury. Xael Charters was privileged to renew flight to Cuba from the City of Tampa, 50 years after these flights were suspended. We specialize in organizing group travel. Currently, we fly to Havana International Airports since Miami and Fort Lauderdale, operating 9 weekly flights. Our corporation, Xael Charters, Inc., is headed by its owners, Xiomara Almaguer-Levy, who is its President and CEO and by Mercy Cassals, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the company.

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